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Simarco is an award-winning provider of international logistics and freight services

Simarco lorrySimarco is an award-winning provider of international logistics, freight services and tailored solutions. They operate throughout the UK, Europe and globally across all worldwide trade routes.

Simarco is one of the UK’s leading independent freight groups with a proud heritage spanning three decades. Simarco are committed to the quality and growth of their company, staff and the services that they provide. The company celebrated its 20th year in operation on March 6 2017 and continues to grow considerably.

The company has a wholly owned fleet of vehicles that provide their clients with a dependable nationwide distribution service, as well as additional services including supply chain management and warehousing solutions.  The company currently employs over 275 staff. Simarco’s experienced and professional team of staff members, coupled with their continuous improvements and development programmes, ensure that they stay at the cutting edge of their profession.

Strategically positioned in Essex as a distribution hub

Simarco’s Head Office is located at Witham in Essex and has three distribution centres within the area. It also has a further five regional distribution centres in Bedford, Burton-upon-Trent, Gloucester, Heathrow and Stoke-on-Trent.

It is important to Simarco to have a local presence within their community and across the region. The company employ over 160 staff at their Head Office in Witham all of whom originate from Essex.  Simarco actively invest in Apprenticeship Schemes which aid in leading to successful careers for many of their apprentices.

How Simarco has worked with INVEST Essex

Simarco lorriesSimarco has enlisted the help of INVEST Essex to help maintain and further their positive presence within the region. Simarco are always seeking ways to promote career opportunities with local educational partners across Essex. They approached INVEST Essex to introduce and promote Simarco and the logistics industry to the University of Essex.

INVEST Essex helped Simarco by connecting them to the University of Essex and facilitating an introductory meeting. INVEST Essex has helped educate on the importance of the sector to the UK in order to inspire graduates achieving a logistics degree. INVEST Essex has also made networking recommendations linking companies looking for Logistics partners within Essex to Simarco. With the success of Simarco’s two recent acquisitions of Bedford and Heathrow and its 20th anniversary in March 2017, INVEST Essex is further helping Simarco by enhancing their exposure throughout their network.

 ‘INVEST Essex has always been a proactive and knowledgeable resource for Simarco to utilise. They promote Essex as a key centre for trade and with our location to the UK main port, Logistics is a vital service that requires continuous talent to enter the sector. By upskilling within the industry through connecting with Universities and more in depth degree courses within Logistics, the future is bright for this sector with the help of Invest Essex.’


Trevor Scott, Managing Director, Simarco International Ltd

How INVEST Essex can help companies expand

Simarco lorry black and whiteMany businesses have taken advantage of the assistance offered to them by the Inward Investment team at INVEST Essex which has experience of working with businesses of all sizes and have helped many companies relocate in Essex. Working with partners to provide professional services such as finance and accounting advice, legal services and marketing and branding consultancy, INVEST Essex provides expertise and support to help companies improve effectiveness and profitability.

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Robert Edge
Robert Edge

Inward Investment Manager (UK Multimodal Gateway:Essex)

+44 (0) 7740 179497


Following a ten year career with a major Colchester freight forwarder shipping everything from confectionery to oxygen plants, Robert has spent almost 15 years in inward investment promotion. Having had experience in China, India and the Middle East, Robert leads on the logistics and renewables sector.