RWO Marine

Manufacturing high-performance equipment for sailing vessels around the world

RWO Marine is an Essex company manufacturing high-performance equipment for sailing vessels around the world. The company recently used the services of the Essex Innovation Programme managed by Essex County Council to develop designs for a new product that would improve its competitive advantage further.

“We recognise that manufacturers like RWO Marine operate in a very competitive marketplace. That’s why we are committed to helping Essex companies improve competitiveness and market share through initiatives like the Essex Innovation Programme.”

Sarah Bell, Innovation and Sector Development Manager, Essex Innovation Programme

Innovation in Essex

RWO Marine has been manufacturing sailing equipment for over forty five years and has developed a comprehensive range of products, including an award-winning Quick Release Trapeze Hook. To maintain its reputation for high-performance equipment, the company actively sponsors and supports sailboats racing on circuits worldwide.

Product development

“We are continually seeking to improve our range to meet the demands of modern sailing trends. However, pressures of work mean that we don’t always have the time to devote to new product development. In our business, that is essential. We also find that it’s important to get a fresh eye on our products, as we can be too close to them”

Ron Owen, Managing director, RWO Marine

INVEST Essex recommended the Essex Manufacturing, Innovation and Growth (EMIG) programme, a partnership between EIP and IfM Education and Consultancy Services, the knowledge transfer arm of the Institute for Manufacturing.  A member of the IfM team worked with RWO Marine on the design of a new performance cleat.

“We were very impressed by the standard of work. They carried out a thorough review of the market and made a detailed analysis of the competition. It was clear she had a flair for design, as well as marketing, and gave us an important independent perspective on the development of the product.” 

Ron Owen, Managing director, RWO Marine

Future plans

RWO Marine will be taking the new cleat design forward. The company is also considering another project that they would like to work on with INVEST Essex and the Institute for Manufacturing.

“They did a great job for us on the first project and we would like to bring them back again,”

Ron Owen, Managing director, RWO Marine

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