J W Froehlich UK

JW Froehlich UK - Testing the world’s engines.

JW Froehlich UK - Testing the world’s engines.

JW Froehlich UK, based at Dunton in Essex, is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative engine test solutions and is a strategic supplier to the world’s major automotive manufacturers and engine makers, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Perkins. JW Froehlich UK operates globally with its parent company JW Froehlich GmbH which has manufacturing plants in Germany, a service organisation in the USA and China and agencies worldwide. The company’s equipment is used at the development stage and on machining and assembly lines to test prototypes and production engines for leaks and is an integral part of a manufacturer’s quality control process.

Increasingly, customers are looking to JW Froehlich to provide a comprehensive range of support services, as Sales Office Manager Jeremy Vaughan explains, “We now get involved from the consultancy phase onwards, using our simultaneous engineering capability to advise customers on the best way to test and assemble their engines. At a later stage, we help customers install equipment and provide training and ongoing support to ensure they get the best from their investment.”

Providing this level of service requires a great deal of commitment, particularly in terms of travelling to a large number of international clients. “We are working with customers in North and South America and South Africa, as well as Europe,” says Jeremy Vaughan.

“India is also becoming a very important market as its automotive industry grows. We have sales teams and engineers flying regularly for technical sales meetings as well as service and training visits. London Stansted Airport is very convenient for many of those flights.”

The company’s Essex base is also well situated for supporting UK customers. “Ford is right on our doorstep,” says Jeremy Vaughan.

“And being so close to the M25, it’s easy to reach our customers around the country via the national motorway network. The other important factor about our location is access to skilled people. Essex has a strong engineering tradition, particularly in the automotive sector, so we can recruit high-calibre staff locally. The training infrastructure in this area is very good, and that’s important for maintaining the quality of our technical resources. There is also a strong network of companies close by who can provide any specialist skills and services we need.”

JW Froehlich has been growing its global business from Essex for over 30 years. Continuing this growth, the company is now expanding outside of the automotive industry with new developments in test solutions for medical equipment and other demanding applications.

“Our customers are looking for increasingly sophisticated methods of testing,” says Jeremy Vaughan. “Essex has the skills infrastructure to support the continuing growth of our business.”

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