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Global TCT - Innovation in casting processes.

Global TCT is a market leader in the field of high-integrity rapid castings. This is an innovative process for producing castings without tooling that enables customers to cut costs and reduce the lead time for product development. The company, which is based in the Essex Technology & Innovation Centre at Ongar, currently has production facilities at Hanningfield in Essex as well as a foundry at Stone in Staffordshire, and is planning a new development facility in Essex.

Global TCT has more than 50 years’ experience in component manufacturing technologies and supplies fully-finished components and subassemblies, bespoke components and metal polishing to exacting standards. Innovation has been key to the company’s continuing success.  “Our patented Advanced Investment Process (AIP) is unique to the foundry industry,” says Technical Director Kevin Smith. “Customers can now develop prototypes in days, rather than weeks.  That means they can test a new product quickly and also make design changes without retooling, speeding up the whole development cycle from concept to finished product, making fast design optimisation very easy and cost effective.

The company, which had its origins as a supplier to the automotive industry, has now changed emphasis. “The automotive sector is still important,” says Kevin Smith.

“However AIP enables us to produce intricate component shapes that have not been previously possible with conventional tooling. That has opened up new market opportunities and we now sell to a variety of industry sectors. Essex is a good marketplace in that sense because it has such a diversity of different businesses.”

“Essex is also a central location for our growing international business in Europe, the United States and Australia. Having London Stansted Airport close by makes it convenient for travelling to our overseas customers.”


The Essex road system is also important to the company’s logistics operations. With production at two locations in the UK, there is a regular flow of models and components between sites. Global TCT’s longer term plan is to centralise production in Essex, as Kevin Smith explains.

“We have never moved the core of our business from Essex, it’s a good place to work with a great quality of life. Bringing all production back here is a logical move.”


Global TCT has already benefited from locating its administrative offices in the Essex Technology & Innovation Centre. “There are not many complexes like this,” says Kevin Smith. “It’s a well-managed building and gives us the conference and business facilities we don’t have at our production sites.”  For a business that has built a reputation for innovation, location here projects the right image.

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David Rooke

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