Gigawave - Innovative support for global broadcasting.

Gigawave designs and manufactures a wide range of specialised RF (radio frequency) transmission equipment for televised outside broadcasts, news gathering and security applications from its headquarters at the Earls Colne Business Park in Essex. Its products include digital wireless camera systems, featuring microwave links, digital receivers, transmitters and antennas as well as a state-of-theart range of high-definition wireless cameras and microwave links. The company is rapidly expanding into satellite communications, live streaming and motorsport technology.

“Gigawave products have played an important role in the broadcasting of global events such as the Sydney, Athens and Beijing Olympic Games and the MotoGP motorcycle racing series,” says Gigawave spokesman, David Earl. “They are also used for electronic news gathering by organisations like Sky as well as command and control solutions for the Hong Kong police force.”

An example of Gigawave’s capability is the application of its technology in motorsport. They developed a high-definition (HD) on-board camera system that was first used in the 2008 FIA GT Championship and have supplied them for live coverage of many high-profile motorsport championship events, including MotoGP. According to David Earl, “The system enhances the viewing experience enabling viewers to experience the thrill of the ride as if they were actually in the car, and giving the audience an appreciation of the speed involved and the skill and stamina of the drivers.”

To design, manufacture and support this growing range of products, Gigawave has developed a team with a depth of operational experience and expertise.“Essex, with its pool of highly-skilled electronics workers, has proved to be a good recruiting ground for the high-calibre engineers the company needs,” says David Earl. The company’s location in Essex is also important for supporting customers in over 100 countries. As David Earl explains,

“Gigawave engineers use London Stansted Airport as a convenient departure point of choice for Europe and other countries where the company’s products are used. Stansted is also convenient for customers from partner companies overseas who are visiting Gigawave for product acceptance tests and training courses.”


Over the past twenty years, the company has grown from a small specialist antenna manufacturer, employing just a handful of people, to a £16 million technology company with customers worldwide. David Earl comments,

“Essex has played an important role in that success story, with the location, available skills and business infrastructure to support a dynamic global technology business.”

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