CML Microsystems

CML Microsystems - Global innovation in integrated circuits.

CML Microsystems - Global innovation in integrated circuits.

CML Microsystems is a leading global player in the design, manufacture and marketing of integrated circuits or ‘chips’ for wireless and wireline communications, data storage and networking. Maldon in Essex is the headquarters of the group’s holding company which has operations located in the UK, US, Germany, Taiwan and Singapore.

“CML has grown by focusing on the development of innovative solutions, rather than the production of the basic ‘me too’ semiconductor components,” says Group Financial Director and Company Secretary, Nigel Clark.

“Components such as silicon wafers for integrated circuits are produced by specialist semiconductor manufacturers known as ‘fabs’ since wafer production requires significant investment. By using commercially-available silicon processes, CML concentrates its resources on designing and marketing highly-innovative, small size integrated circuits with high performance and ultra-low power consumption. As a result, the company has developed significant experience in developing integrated circuits for applications that demand world-class quality and performance.”


CML invests heavily in research and development activities, ensuring that it is well positioned to take advantage of growing demand from its target markets by providing a continuous stream of new, competitive solutions that are designed to meet customers’ needs while complying with complex international standards.

As a result of this market-leading innovation, the company has achieved global success and now exports 90% of its production with key markets in Europe, Japan, US and the Far East.

“Essex is well set up for this type of international business, with good airfreight and seaport facilities close at hand. Having our head office in Maldon also means that there is a need for significant international travel. Time spent travelling to customers, subsidiary companies and the network of distributors and partners around the world is a way of life for CML employees, and our team find that London Stansted Airport is a very useful point of departure for many of their destinations.”

Being located in Essex has also proved valuable for recruiting and retaining high-calibre specialist staff.

“It is well known that Essex has a great electronics heritage and, when CML moved to Essex in the early 1970s, we were able to draw on the specialist skills available locally from the presence of GEC who had set up the UK’s first semiconductor plant at Witham. Today, a high proportion of our technical, sales and management teams are graduates, and the potential links with the University of Essex and the technology community clustered around mid-Essex give us access to the right people.”

Essex has long proven a valuable base for technology companies like CML Microsystems, with an established community of high-calibre skills and suppliers, as well as excellent transport links to support the high levels of collaboration the company relies on.

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