Our accountancy partners benefit from wide-ranging experience of working with UK and international companies to plan and establish new business operations. They bring specialist knowledge of the UK regulatory and tax environment and are focused on developing long-lasting business partnerships.

Rickard Luckin

As one of the county’s established accountancy firms, Rickard Luckin’s (RL) unique approach is based on building long-term partnerships with clients, to help them maximise their business potential.  It has a strong customer service tradition combined with specialist knowledge and expertise among its 90-strong team based in Chelmsford, Essex, UK

Rickard Luckin’s clients (many of whom have been with the firm for several generations) are drawn from all sectors of business and industry, although the company does have a particularly strong focus in recent years assisting overseas companies establish either branches or subsidiaries in the UK.

RL assist companies to set up their basic operations, including advising on the accounting systems required.  They can assist with day to day matters whilst the company is growing, and, act as a point of reference for their owners once the company is established.  Where there is a group audit situation RL can provide full UK company accounts on behalf of the company for the group auditors to audit, alternatively they are happy to act as the UK auditor on behalf of the group.

Richard Harvey one of three Rickard Luckin tax directors, has been providing tax advice since 1978, specialising in providing commercial tax advice to entrepreneurial businesses and their owners.  Richard has extensive experience of international taxation issues, having helped both overseas businesses structure their investment in the UK and UK businesses move into overseas markets.

“We believe it is vital that the correct structure is chosen and that the local management hands helped during the vital initial stage.”

Fellow Director, Alistair Barnwell has practised as a Chartered Accountant since 1976 and has spent much of his career in Essex. Alistair specialises in developing businesses and plays a fundamental part of helping overseas companies to set-up their UK subsidiaries and operations.

“We believe the essential element in assisting overseas companies is firstly to understand fully the financial information that the parent needs from the management accounts, together with the time scales their information is needed on a monthly or quarterly basis.”

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LB Group

When you’re considering setting up operations in the UK from abroad, you want to work with people who know what you need and can make things happen, efficiently and expertly.

LB Group are a top 100 firm of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisors and Business Advisors in the UK.  They understand the issues and fears facing inward investing companies of all sizes, from start-ups to international groups.

LB Group work with companies setting up in the UK from abroad and offer professional advice to those considering entering the UK offering a combined suite of services, created to cater for the needs of inward investors.
Services provided include:

  • Business plans
  • Taxation advice, including cross border trading and transfer pricing implications
  • Advice relating to employee benefits
  • Tax planning and compliance relating to individuals seconded to the UK
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements and audit
  • Corporate tax compliance
  • Corporate and personal tax advice
  • Business consultancy and due diligence work

If you are considering entering the UK market for the first time, it is essential that you obtain sound professional advice. Please contacts us for a free consultation.


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Corinne Hearne
Corinne Hearne

Inward Investment Manager (London-Essex UK Finance Corridor)

+44 (0) 7702 900667


With over 25 years’ experience in the Financial Services and Global Relocation industries, Corinne has developed an extensive, specialist, commercial network and has successfully supported projects focused on the strategic development and growth of both overseas and UK companies in business, professional and financial services sectors.