Workforce Advantages for Businesses in the London-Essex UK Finance Corridor

London Essex UK Finance Corridor

Leading finance businesses find the right people in Essex

The London-Essex UK Finance Corridor – extending from the City eastwards into Essex – has attracted leading financial services business seeking to combine reduced costs with fast transport access to London.

A key benefit of the corridor for finance businesses is Essex’s large pool of skilled finance and administrative workers. This specialist labour force is a direct consequence of Essex’s unique geography – fast, efficient transport connections into the City mean that Essex is both the City of London’s commuter belt and an integral extension of London’s financial services cluster.

So, in summary, here are the key workforce advantages that are helping to make Essex the location of choice for cost-aware UK financial services businesses:

1. Average wages in Essex deliver substantial cost savings versus London and other UK financial services centres:

Essex wage cost savings

2. Essex has more ‘Administration and Secretarial’ workers (as % of total workforce) that any major English city:

3. Essex’s proximity to London provides businesses with access to a large and diverse financial services workforce, that competitor UK locations simply can’t match:

Essex London workforce


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