Ukrainian airline opens UK office at London Stansted Airport

Antonov An-225 MriyaAntonov Airlines, the airline division of the large Ukrainian enterprise Antonov Company which owns and operates the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov AN-225 “Mriya”, and a fleet of AN-124-100 freighters, has established a UK office at London Stansted Airport. Its office is based at the airport’s Diamond Hangar and is part of a plan to increase flights of its supersized transporters to British airports and worldwide.

Antonov's fleet have made 550 cargo flights to and from Britain over the past decade, transporting equipment for the aerospace, oil and gas and other sectors. 

“Antonov is looking to the UK as a good commercial operating point. This is all about Antonov’s desire to engage with the West ... and develop a closer relationship with the UK.

We already had an experienced team located in Essex, working for the joint venture which recently ended. London Stansted Airport has always been a good host for the AN-124, and this contributed to the decision from previous AN-124 representatives to base their UK Offices here. We have been warmly welcomed at Diamond Hangar, London Stansted Airport by both the management and other companies.”

Michael Goodisman, Business Development Director, UK office of Antonov Airlines

Expanding company presence from an Essex base

The UK office of Antonov Airlines announced a deal to expand its presence in the UK with its first UK charter flight from London Stansted Airport which was loaded next to its offices at the Diamond Hangar. Loading equipment designed by Antonov Company was used to help winch a very large British-manufactured helicopter, measuring almost 4.4 metres high, into one of the airline’s seven AN-124-100 freighters. The helicopter was transported from the UK to Southeast Asia.

Antonov/Dreamlifts airlines“It is a wonderful coincidence that one of the UK office’s first operations should take place on its doorstep. Such close proximity allowed us, not only to successfully test our specially-designed loading equipment, but also to work much more closely with our customer.”

You could say we arrived in the right place at the right time.”

Paul Bingley, Commercial Manager, UK office of Antonov Airlines

Antonov An-225 take-off“Our team in Kyiv was pleased to work closely with our UK office for this move.

Our in-house engineering expertise meant we were able to deliver an expert solution for this aerospace customer and we look forward to supporting many more companies in the defence, energy, humanitarian, industrial, automotive, and oil and gas sectors.”

Andriy Blagovisniy, Head of Commercial Department, Antonov Airlines

Delivering worldwide air cargo solutions

Antonov Airlines delivers worldwide air cargo solutions across all industry sectors.

Antonov An-225“Our aim is to expand our representation to other regions to reflect our specialism in the transport of outsized, project cargo worldwide. We are looking to establish a local presence in the Americas, the Middle East and the Far East. The United Kingdom is an ideal location from which to initiate our vision and we continue to coordinate with Invest Essex and the Department of International Trade.”

Michael Goodisman, Business Development Director, UK office of Antonov Airlines

The AN freighter fleet

Antonov An-225ANTONOV is the design and maintenance authority for the AN freighter fleet, and boasts 13,000 employees providing technical expertise for moving project and outsized cargo safely and economically around the world.

The world’s largest aircraft, Antonov AN-225 Mriya, is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft developed to carry the “Buran” space shuttle. It was later refurbished and put into commercial operation by Antonov Airlines carrying oversized payloads.

The aircraft is powered by six turbofan engines and is the longest and heaviest airplane ever built, with capability of carrying 250 tonnes in total, equivalent to 50 cars or four fully loaded British Challenger battle tanks. 

Working with INVEST Essex

Antonov An-225 aircraftAfter an introduction from the Department for International Trade (DIT) INVEST Essex worked closely with Antonov Airlines assisting them with their property search for their UK office around London Stansted Airport.

INVEST Essex have also introduced the UK office of Antonov Airlines to banking, legal, recruitment and advisory suppliers from INVEST Essex’s commercial partners and their wider network. INVEST Essex continue to work with introductions of Antonov Company to local aerospace, engineering and materials science networks. 

“INVEST Essex, along with the Department of International Trade, provided us with excellent advice and assistance on a range of important aspects of our UK and global business development.

We are still in contact with INVEST Essex and the Department of International Trade, both of whom act as a sounding board for ANTONOV Airlines, as we further develop a variety of ideas and opportunities.

Apart from assisting with our airline activities, INVEST Essex are conducting introductions between UK aerospace and engineering companies and ANTONOV Company.”

Michael Goodisman, Business Development Director, UK office of Antonov Airlines

For more information on INVEST Essex see here.

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