The Essex Business Briefing showcases services available to the business community

Alex Wenham speechINVEST Essex, in partnership with four commercial partners, have been showcasing the services available to the business community in a unique business forum, the Essex Business Briefing.

The Essex Business Briefing is a recently launched invite only business forum which aims to equip local businesses with information which is pertinent to the running of their organisations. Recent topics that have been covered at the briefings include why innovation is important to businesses and the threat of cybercrime.

Innovation forum

‘Innovation: The Catalyst for Growth’ forumThe Autumn Essex Business Briefing forum was held with the theme of ‘Innovation: The Catalyst for Growth’. Studies have confirmed that all businesses want to be more innovative. Innovation has become a major factor in influencing strategic planning and it has been acknowledged that innovation leads to wealth creation. The conclusion is that the importance of innovation is increasing, and increasing significantly.

At the forum guest speakers from The Ideas Centre Group, NatWest and Flakt Woods discussed their experience of managing innovation by unleashing the creativity within their workforce. An extended Q&A session to a full house of delegates discussed how to help them deliver the best service.

“We live in a rapidly changing world with huge opportunities for innovation – but businesses and individuals often get stuck in outdated approaches that have exceeded their ‘best before date.”

Alex Menhams, Partner, The Ideas Centre Group

Cybercrime forum

Ian Morehouse speechA previous forum held by the Essex Business Briefing covered the topic of cybercrime and the threats posed to businesses from a supplier perspective. With UK businesses reporting losses of £1,079,447,765 in the past year, according to figures released by Get Safe Online and the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre Action Fraud, cyber-security is now taking centre stage as business leaders seek protection from attacks.

At the forum guest speakers from Glasswall Solutions and Barclays Bank highlighted the sophistication of today’s criminals and measures needed to safeguard against cyber-attacks to business operations.

Glasswall Solutions, who has developed an innovative technology that provides protection against inbound cyber threats, recently won the Cybersecurity category in the 2016 Institution of Engineering and Technology Innovation Awards.

“If the new focus on cyber-security is to work, however, all involved need to realise that constantly-evolving threats require constant innovation, rather than just post-infection Band-aid. Criminals have moved on from what are commonly called signature-based threats, to instead placing increased attention to altering the structure of common file-types to defeat existing security and anti-virus solutions and breach an organisation's defences”.

Sam Hutton, CTO, Glasswall Solutions

About the Essex Business Briefing

Essex Business Briefing partnersThe Essex Business Briefing was established to create awareness of the Essex professional support network for businesses. It is a collaboration between INVEST Essex and commercial partners…

The forum highlights success stories, from growing businesses to those trading on an international level, and creates a networking exchange forum through which partners/speakers and contacts can be established.  A different theme headlines each briefing. The next Essex Business Briefing will cover the topic of “Your Business Recipe for Growth”.

INVEST Essex assisting businesses in Essex

INVEST Essex promotes Essex as a prime UK business solution location to international and UK companies. Delivering a ‘total solution’ that can guide and support businesses through every stage of a business relocation or expansion project.

See here for more information on INVEST Essex.

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