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Location benefits for health technology businesses

The benefits for health technology companies

Essex County Council’s response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy

Essex County Council has developed a report based in response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy

Why Life Sciences Companies are Choosing Essex for UK Business Expansions

An increasing number of life sciences companies are making Essex their UK location of choice…

Essex is the UK’s Optimal Location for Health Technology Companies

Essex is at the heart of Europe's largest life sciences and healthcare cluster

Third life sciences company assisted with move to Chesterford Research Park

Biopharmaceutical drug discovery & development company, Evonetix, is moving to Chesterford Research Park

Cutting Costs Without Compromise: the Essex Offer to Health Technology Companies

Reduced costs and strategically located specialist sites are attracting healthtech companies to Essex

Essex company awarded £1.05 million towards improving treatment for diabetes care

Arecor wins Innovate UK grant to develop liquid glucagon for severe hypoglycaemia

How Essex combines a UK-leading health technology workforce with lower labour costs

Essex county presents an attractive location for life sciences and health technology companies

World-Leading Life Science and Health Technology Research: All Accessible from Essex

Businesses located in Essex are ideally positioned to access world-leading university research

Chesterford Research Park: The Cambridge Life Sciences Cluster, in Essex

Essex contributes to the Cambridge life sciences cluster