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Education and innovation: how Essex UK is securing the future of its high-technology businesses

Specialist skills provision for high-technology industry

The Cambridge-Essex UK High-Technology Cluster

The UK’s optimal location for high-technology businesses…

New business space with unrivalled ultrafast broadband connectivity

A hub for emerging & established creative/digital businesses, finance and IT companies

Essex: The UK’s optimal location for high-technology businesses

Cambridge-Essex UK High-Technology Cluster

For Essex-based high-technology companies, world-leading university research is close at hand

Companies at the forefront of their fields engaging in high-value collaborations with nearby universities

The specialist workforce that sustains Essex’s growing high-technology cluster

Essex provides access to Cambridge & London knowledge workers & reduced labour costs

Investment opportunities at brand new airport business park

The new £150 million Airport Business Park Southend is now taking enquiries from interested occupiers

Could this be the UK’s Best Location for High-Technology Businesses?

Essex has high-tech credentials, a strategic UK location & big property cost savings

The High-Technology Capabilities that are Attracting Global Businesses to Essex, UK

Essex is a leading UK and European location for high-technology companies…

Introducing Cambridge-Essex UK: A World-Class High-Technology Cluster

How Essex industry complements Cambridge research