Making sense of BIg Data

The first INVEST Essex/CILT seminar on ‘Making Sense of Big Data in the Logistics Industry’ was held in Colchester on 1st October 2015.  

The event, which was made possible through support of the Trade Finance and Working Capital Team at Barclays Bank PLC, aimed to . . .

  • Highlight pressures faced by logistics companies caused by a fast growing sets of data in new and different formats.
  • Demonstrate to delegates  how they can use data analytics tools to extract meaning and commercial opportunity from the available data
  • Showcase the world-leading expertise of the ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre at the University of Essex as a resource to help decision making

Video of event highlights

Rob Riddleston, Head of  Transport and Logistics at Barclays

Rob Riddleston, Head of Transport and Logistics at Barclays, gave an overview of what their customers in the logistics sector are telling them.  Confidence is lower than in the first half of 2014 but still positive overall and well above 2008 levels.  He spoke about the challenge of “last mile delivery” and the need for logistics suppliers to align themselves with retailer and consumer expectations.

Professor Abdel Sahli, University of Essex

Professor Abdel Sahli, University of Essex, demonstrated how his team used data analytics to collect and measure data to maximise container berth efficiency at the port of Felixstowe. 

This project delivered tangible savings to the port. Not only was the port able to better deploy costly resources, e.g. terminal and human crane resources, and save money, but also, due to less time spent in the port, the shipping line could employ slow steaming resulting in fuel cost savings and a reduction in emissions.

Simon Hobbs, VP Supply Chain Development UKIN – CEVA Logistics

Simon Hobbs, VP Supply Chain Development UKIN – CEVA Logistics, demonstrated how the world’s third largest logistics company uses data analytics. In a case study of one of its clients, an automotive manufacturer, CEVA were commissioned to model a complete supply chain for itself and its suppliers (both located in China and internationally) both those involved in equipping the factory and supplying components with simulation/variables/scenario analysis to enhance efficiency. 

David Eyes, Director of Business Development - Data Interchange

David Eyes, Director of Business Development - Data Interchange, estimated that volume of electronic data in circulation in 2013 would be a mere 5% of the amount in circulation in 2020. David demonstrated a new supply chain tool MMOG/LE and emphasised that managing data relating to component supply was as critical as the failure/shortage of one component (of thousands) in a passenger car, a failure that could stop a production line and cause demand for compensation. 
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