Colchester Set for Ultra-High-Speed Broadband

Broadband cablesColchester town centre businesses are set to benefit from ultra-high-speed broadband which will see the town become one of the top five places in the UK for business connectivity.

This is a significant opportunity for digital and creative business development. The newly installed dark fibre in Colchester Town Centre network will allow local businesses to compete at a local, national and global level and positions Colchester as an attractive alternative to London.

“We are delighted to be involved in providing an entirely new and highly innovative ultra-fast fibre network. It is great news for the town and will enable local businesses to truly compete at a local, national and even global level. The difference this type of connectivity can make should not be underestimated and we look forward to helping local businesses thrive in the digital age as a direct result of this project”.

Lloyd Felton, Managing Director, County Broadband

Colchester at the cutting edge of technological development

Ultra fibre broadbandThe ultra-high-speed broadband connectivity is a significant opportunity for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Colchester to benefit from the improved telecommunications infrastructure. The network will also be of significant benefit to the town’s flourishing digital and creative sector, data driven companies in the financial sector who use strong broadband, as well as a potential opportunity for businesses who may otherwise gravitate to London.

Essex is a location of choice for finance IT companies including IFDS, Cofunds and First Data, partly because it is physically close enough to the City to meet requirements for high data speeds. The county’s unbeaten broadband connectivity enables seamless IT communications, both within businesses and with clients.

About the broadband project

Colchester Creative Business CentreThe innovative broadband project will create the new fibre network, delivering significant cost benefits at the same time. It is the first project of its type in the UK, although the model has been successfully deployed in Scandinavia.  

In the first phase, the network will pass some 850 businesses, a key focal point to include the forthcoming new £2.6m Creative Business Centre. It will provide up to gigabit symmetrical connectivity, 30-50 times faster than most town centre businesses can currently receive. The network infrastructure is available to all service providers to deliver connectivity solutions, including broadband and VOIP (voice over IP) to businesses.

INVEST Essex assisting businesses in Essex

INVEST Essex promotes Essex as a prime UK business solution location to international and UK companies. Delivering a ‘total solution’ that can guide and support businesses through every stage of a business relocation or expansion project.

See here for more information on INVEST Essex.

Source [Colchester Borough Council]

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