Essex is not just about having the right port in the right place, we have expertise too…

Essex has a rich heritage of electromechanical companies

Essex universities recognised for business links

University of Essex Knowledge Gateway to receive government backing to turn science into growth

Essex Entrepreneurs Programme

FREE 12 session course for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to launch and monetise their business ideas

Local company credited with contributing to Ship of the Year

Essex marine automation company Servowatch personally thanked by Dutch Sea Rescue Institution

Innovative and strong Automotive sector

Essex plays an important part in the automotive supply chain and has an established cluster of top tier p

Tips on accessing European Funding

Accessing European Funding

Where Essex leads

Cameron - Where Essex leads the rest of the country follows

Demystifying European Funding - A Free Event

Innovative Essex businesses are invited to learn more about the European funding available and apply

Technology Strategy Board Launches £5 Million Innovation in Location-Based Services

£5million of funding available for location based services from the TSB

Grants Available for Childcare Businesses

Up to £500 grants are available for those in the Childcare Industry